With the first semester gone so soon, and the second already underway, I thought it’d be fun to write it down to look back on in a few years!

I had Linear Algebra and Calculus, Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Engineering Chemistry and Engineering Mechanics in the first semester and I struggled equally hard with all of them, haha! I found Chemistry and Electronics especially tedious and while I enjoyed Algebra, Calculus and Mechanics, I still found them to be challenging.

I think college is more or less everything I expected it to be. It’s a lot more social than I thought it’d be, I talk to atleast one stranger everyday and I think that’s rather lovely! Semester I was pretty eventful – we had quite a few events including a motor show and a cultural fest – both of which I volunteered at, in addition to a lot of celebrations. I’m not a huge fan of them but I think it’s wonderful that students take the time to celebrate all the same.

I signed up for the college’s Rocketry team and was thrilled when I got into the Propulsion team. I have so much to learn and I’m excited to do it with a team. I also got into the college’s chess team which was surprising because I’m a very weak player. But it was an interesting experience since I’ve never been a part of a sports team before or played in tournaments. I’m not sure if I’ll try out the next semester because I don’t feel good enough to represent the college yet, haha!

I find the best part of college to be what I hate about the world around me – the noise; which is why my whole experience is quite contradictory in nature. I love how the campus is always alive although I really wish the library would stay open past 5 pm. There’s so much to explore and learn from and a whole new world if I’m willing to go for it but I seem to shy away from a lot of what constitutes the whole college experience. The library is pretty cool, it’s not too big and doesn’t have a large collection of Literature, but it’s my favourite place in the college, even with all its restrictions.

Weirdly enough, I liked most of my classes, even the ones with the conventionally difficult teachers. I like writing down notes because it feels productive and I miss writing so much, class notes are the only way to satiate my need to write on paper. I fell down a huge writing and art block sometime last month and I had to make do with whatever creative outlet college offered, which wasn’t much hence the note-taking, haha! I did participate in a couple of creative writing competitions and got to write a film review for the first time. I think that’s something I’d like to explore further.

And to make do for the above mentioned creative block, I signed up for a bunch of content writer volunteer positions at the various clubs in my college, a few being – GDSC, ISTE, SAE and the Astral Space Club (ASC). I have yet to write anything for ISTE and GDSC, but SAE and Astral’s been a fun ride, especially because writing Instagram type content is a first for me. I also got to write a Women’s Day article although the published version was highly edited.

I occasionally entertain the thought of dropping out and pursuing Literature or Philosophy or Art but I always seem to feel something lacking in them, although I’m not sure what. It’s often fleeting when I read a book and imagine what it would be like to study it or when someone asks me why I chose engineering. It hurts to not know for sure but it is what it is. I’ve been reading quite a bit lately, especially during free periods. It’s wonderful to disappear into a book and forget about everything else for a while. I’m vaguely aware that this isn’t the most healthy habit but I enjoy it and it’s the only creative outlet I have, now that I’m not writing or drawing.

I signed up for a CATIA internship spanning two months and I’m rushing to get that done this month because I procrastinated for half the month and now I’m paying the price *sigh* and I’m struggling to find a safe version I can download for free. Apart from college, I applied to The Humans of Kerala and Asiana Times as an intern and weirdly enough, got accepted to both but in a sad turn of events, I ended up turning them down partly for personal reasons and partly because I was feeling overwhelmed.

Finals went terribly and I deeply messed up in Basic Electrical and Electronics. I feel like the exams were so much better than the ones at school but like always, I never know if I’m prepared or if my answers are right or wrong. I’m hoping for the best which is all I can do when it comes to tests. Fingers crossed I don’t procrastinate as much in the second semester.

Towards the beginning of the second semester, I signed up for SAE’s AeroTHON and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team! I don’t know a thing about drones so I’m hoping this will be a good learning experience. Also I really need to learn to work with a team – being an introvert is so hard, haha!

And I think that’s it. I’m hoping to get back into writing and art soon. I miss them both terribly and I don’t really think I should be excluding one to focus on the other. I have a couple of days off and I’m definitely looking forward to finding myself again, haha!

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