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Aashman Foundation

I recently joined the Aashman Foundation as a content writing intern, a non-governmental organisation(NGO) that works for women empowerment, single-income families and underprivileged children by contributing to healthcare and education. It supports the women by empowering them with skills like stitching, patient care, computers etc. which are taught by the NGO. 

Listed below are all the assignments:

Writing assignment 1:
What did we gain from the prolonged rule of Britishers in India?

Writing assignment 2:
Why should one celebrate happy days with the underprivileged like birthdays, anniversaries etc?
Why is it important?  Write from the aspect of the underprivileged. 

Writing assignment 3:
Unconventional methods that could lift a widow’s position in the society

Writing assignment 4:
Importance of Internships