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Mindler Internship

I am ever grateful to Mindler for the opportunity to participate in an internship that took into account students’ school schedules and provided lovely, educational assignments and flexible timings.

We had 10 classes as listed below:

1.Orientation to Mindler Internship Program

2. Entrepreneurship: How to shape your career towards becoming an entrepreneur

3. Introduction to Mindler Scholarship & Talent Hunt

4. Exploring the World of Disruptive Careers & Emerging Technologies

5. The Art of Failing & Making it BIG

6. Board Exam Prep & Time Management

7. Skills of the Future

8. Unconventional Careers – How to pursue one?

9. Building a Smart and Sharp online Presence – What, how, and why

10. Decoding Personality Types for Better Communication & Improved Relationships

Assignment 2: We had to create a proposal for an original business idea.

Assignement 4: We were asked about a career we thought was disruptive and included emerging technologies. And then to create a doc or inforgraphic on why we thought so.

Assignment 7: We had to create an infographic or a document mentioning the skills we believe are important for our dream career.

Assignemnt 8: We were told to create a video or a reel showcasing a talent of our choice (such as a form of music, art, or words).
Or to explore an unconventional career of a person of our interest and create a document depicting the same.  

(I was running a bit low on time and ended up sending in an old poem. I don’t consider poetry as one of my talents but I do consider it talent in general. This wasn’t an honest submission on my part and I hold myself accountable)

Assignment 10: We were told to take a personality test and learn more about our personalities by making a note of our strengths and weaknesses.

The assignments not included here were to create a graphic about Mindler (assignment 1), a LinkedIn profile (assignment 9), a video about your personal experience with failure (assignment 5), a timetable to tackle an exam (assignment 6) and to complete our student profiles with Mindler (assignment 3).