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Brooks Brainery

This summer internship commenced on June 17 and spanned 4 weeks. I’ll update this page once the courses are completed!

As a summer intern at Brooks Brainery, I signed up for the following courses:

  • Introductory Computer Science and Python Programming by Blake Cragen from Georgia Tech and Saim Zafar from the University of Waterloo and
  • Engineering Design 101 by Ram Chatoth from Georgia Tech

Given below are the links to the course assignments. I’m afraid they’re not of the best quality especially those of Engineering Design 101 and I wasn’t able to figure out the code for one problem set of Introductory Computer Science and Python Programming.

The courses were splendid overall and I had a great time learning new ideas and being exposed to a lot of cool stuff out there, haha! The instructors had a fun but effective teaching persona that made the sessions fun to attend! I wasn’t able to attend most of them in person but thankfully, the recorded lectures came to my rescue haha! I’ll try to upload some of my notes and takeaways soon!

Please click here to visit their official website!

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